Lockout could help KG, Rose

If there is a shortened season, older legs like Kevin Garnett's might stay fresher. Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Less is more.

As the old saying goes, sometimes you're better off with less of something. In the case of some NBA players, a lockout that would shorten next season might actually be a blessing in disguise.

Earlier this week, Insider highlighted some teams that might benefit from a shortened season. Today, we'll zero in and identify some players who would especially welcome an abbreviated season.

No one likes to have paychecks withheld, but the 82-game season grind can be especially taxing for fatigued or injury-prone players. Of course, everyone would prefer fewer days on the grind, but the following players likely will reap the benefits from a shortened season more than most.

Kevin Garnett, PF, Boston Celtics

No active big man has logged more minutes on an NBA floor than this guy (only Jason Kidd has more). In fact, the second minute Garnett plays next season will be No. 48,000 for his career, if we count the regular season and the playoffs. At 35, "The Kid" could use an extended vacation, and, with the owners and players currently refusing to budge, he might very well get one.

He's less injury-prone than most think. If you could guarantee Boston fans before last season that Garnett would play more than 70 games in 2010-11, they would've taken that in a second. Garnett played 71 games, not to mention another nine in the playoffs. Heck, Celtics fans might even have broken the bank for more than 60 games from their All-Star big man.