Teams with small moves to make

The Thunder arguably have the least roster upgrading to do this offseason. Layne Murdoch/NBAE/Getty Images

In a three-part series, Chris Palmer examines the needs of all 30 teams. On Thursday he looks at the teams that should only make minor adjustments to their rosters this offseason, either because they are close to title contention or a team filled with quality young talent.

Here is Palmer's article from Monday, on teams with the most work to do, and here is his article from Tuesday, on the league's most volatile teams.

Los Angeles Lakers

Needs: Point guard; 3-point shooting

Forget the Dwight Howard speculation and let's focus on the roster as is. The Lakers are primed for another title run even without D-12, as they will return with last season's roster nearly intact. They'll scrap the triangle for a more conventional offense under new coach Mike Brown, and should adjust quickly.