Five most underrated NBA players

Kyle Lowry has had a great start to the NBA season, even though it has gone largely unnoticed. Steve Dykes/US Pressswire

Everybody loves an underdog, the kind of player who makes an impact despite an unrecognizable name, physical limitations, or the fact that he was drafted in the second round or not at all. Other guys might have all the tools but are simply outshone on a nightly basis by the game's brightest stars. Casual fans might not recognize them at the mall, but their opponents undoubtedly show respect and spend plenty of time planning for these unheralded players. These guys aren't the best at their positions but often outplay the best.

Here is my list of five underrated players who don't get enough credit.

Kyle Lowry, PG, Houston Rockets

Among the most physical players at the position, Lowry is arguably the strongest point guard in the NBA. His wide, muscular physique and deceptive quickness make his bowling ball-style penetration a nightmare to guard. This season, the sixth-year veteran has shown improved court awareness and polished his mastery of the drive-and-kick, as well as finding 3-point shooters with well-placed skip passes.