Are the Sixers for real?

The Sixers have gotten off to a fast start this season. Howard Smith/US Presswire

In the NBA, a team should never have to apologize for a win or multiple wins.

Indeed, whether it's because of good fortune, bad luck, injuries, suspensions, strange calls or stranger bounces (the Boston Celtics won a title on one of the strangest bounces off a rim), it's all part of the game.

So when a team such as the Philadelphia 76ers surges through the first few weeks of the season winning games the toughest of ways -- blowing out opponents on the road -- it's certainly done its job and doesn't deserve conditional respect or an asterisk next to its name while sitting in first place in the Atlantic Division standings.

However, when the 76ers sit atop John Hollinger's power rankings, it definitely begs the question: Are they in the same class as the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat?