Did the Big 3 fail?

This season could be the last for Boston's Big Three. AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

Expectations can be powerful.

They're why you might feel disappointed after watching a film you otherwise would enjoy simply because you knew going in that it was nominated for Best Picture. They're why you might be set up for a letdown when you go for a meal recommended by a trusty friend. They're why many might feel that LeBron James has been a spectacular dud since gracing the covers of sports magazines as a teenager.

When expectations are high, so is the potential to feel unsatisfied. With all the trade rumors surrounding Rajon Rondo and the Boston Celtics, some Boston fans might feel some sadness that the era of Boston's Big Three is on life support. But should they also feel some disappointment that they underperformed? Should we view the last four and a half seasons as a success?