Five worst chemistry trade fits

Andray Blatche has the skills to help a team, but teams should be leery about trading for him. Geoff Burke/US Presswire

As we wrote on Tuesday, team chemistry is an important factor for NBA franchises to consider as they make (or refrain from making) deals at the trade deadline. After first taking a look at the best chemistry guys who could be had in a trade this season, today we're looking at the problematic chemistry players teams should be leery of before pulling the trigger on any deadline deals.

Here are the five riskiest trade targets as they relate to team chemistry:

1. Andray Blatche, F, Washington Wizards

In almost every way possible, Blatche can be a headache for his new team. Is he lazy on defense? Yes, horribly so. Is he difficult to coach? Yes. Is he likely a guy who will not inspire younger players to be better, but instead lead them astray? Sadly, yes.