Top five sell-high candidates

Anthony hasn't been able to find his groove this season. Maybe a change of scenery would help? Michael Ivins/US Presswire

With seven days left until the trade deadline falls, there is precious little time remaining for NBA teams to make themselves over. While trades are certainly part of the equation around draft time and over the course of the summer, the deadline affords each club a rare opportunity to leverage player and team performance while it's still developing.

There are likely a number of team decision-makers who think they might be one or two moves away from making a serious championship run. Some of them are wrong, and once the season has played out, they will discover their errors in self-assessment. Meanwhile, teams are starting to look ahead to the usual roster headaches -- players opting out of their deals, prospects who might or might not be available in the draft, etc.

With so much uncertainty floating around the league at this stage on the NBA calendar, an astute general manager can strike. A key asset to have is a player who might not fit in with your long-range plans but nevertheless has a great deal of value around the league. One term for these guys is "sell-high candidates" because you're trading current perceived value against future perceived value. If you assess your talent and the talent on other teams correctly, it's a great chance to emerge from deadline chaos with an improved prospectus.

Who are some of these sell-high candidates?

Michael Beasley, Minnesota Timberwolves


Scoring is always a valuable commodity on the trade market and that's the one thing Beasley does well. As Minnesota's talent level has risen, Beasley's minutes have fallen, but he's still cranking out more than 19 points per 40 minutes. He's just 23 years old and was the second pick in the draft just a few years ago. Certainly there are questions about his ability to fit in a team concept and in a locker room, but talent is talent.