No way Kentucky beats Bobcats

No matter how bad Charlotte is, D.J. Augustin and his teammates wouldn't lose to Kentucky. Jason Miller/US Presswire

Every few years, a college team captures the hearts of America while beating up its opponents. It is seen as super-special and thus gets super-hyped.

Some of that hype has to do with the players on the team. Which ones are headed to the NBA? Which ones could someday be NBA All-Stars? When that college super hype leaches out into NBA talk, one question inevitably arises: "Could they beat a bad NBA team?"

This year, that question has been posed for Kentucky, which won the NCAA title Monday night with scintillating athleticism and great chemistry plus three likely lottery picks and at least two other players who almost certainly will be drafted in June. Meanwhile, the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats are making a run at being the worst NBA team of all time. So, given Kentucky's incredible depth of talent and Charlotte's ineptitude, could the best overall team in college beat the worst NBA team this season?

Not a chance.

There's almost no scenario in which these two teams play and Kentucky would come out on top -- even if they played 20 times on a college court under college rules. Saying Kentucky's kids could beat professionals makes no sense if you've spent any time around the game and working with these players. Here are several reasons the Charlotte Bobcats, as bad as they are, would crush the Kentucky Wildcats in any scenario.