Dwyane Wade's unique skills

Few can twist and finish off-balance in traffic like Dwyane Wade. Issac Baldizon/NBAE/Getty Images

With his style bordering on unorthodox, Dwyane Wade is anything but the ordinary shooting guard.

The Miami Heat 2-guard possesses a plethora of carefully honed individual skills that go beyond textbook basketball, which have made him one of the game's most unusual and effective off guards.

Here are five skills that make Wade unique:

1. Creativity in traffic

Wade frequently finds himself faced with double- and triple-teams in the lane after he leaves his feet, which often leaves him without a passing angle to bail himself out. It's hardly something that stops him from making a play. Wade's ability to get off improvised shots in traffic that he doesn't practice is uncanny. Whether falling away, diving forward or twisting in an awkward direction, his inventiveness in the lane allows him to turn a potentially bad possession into pay dirt.