The five best over-30 free agents

Despite their age creeping up on them, Steve Nash and Kevin Garnett will be sought-after free agents. Getty Images

They say your priorities change as you get older. That aphorism will be tested around the NBA this summer. The list of over-30 free agents is loaded with big names, but an array of GMs, scouts and personnel experts suggest the superstars among the aging might not end up with the longest line of teams chasing them or the biggest contracts.

Here's a breakdown of which ones are believed to have the most remaining value:

Steve Nash, PG, 38 years old


The top suitors are expected to be the Phoenix Suns, Portland Trail Blazers and Toronto Raptors (in his native Canada), although the Brooklyn Nets could jump into the fray in a big way if Deron Williams doesn't re-sign. What puts him at the top of the list is that he can fit into the makeup of any team. He distributes, he shoots as well as he ever has from long range and he's underrated as a team defender. If there's a concession to be made, it is being mindful of his minutes to protect his sometimes-balky back, but despite approaching 40, he just broke the 40,000-minute plateau this season. For comparison, Kobe Bryant, who will turn 34 in March, already has played more than 50,000 minutes.