Best fits for remaining top FAs

What are the best potential fits for Eric Gordon, Deron Williams and Roy Hibbert? Getty Images

Let the matchmaking begin.

Although Kevin Garnett and Gerald Wallace reportedly are already off the market, there are still plenty of big names looking for jobs in the NBA as free agency heats up.

Where will they go?

Considering cap space, playoff contention and team needs, let's take a look at the best fits for the remaining top 10 free agents.

PG Deron Williams

Best fit: Brooklyn Nets
Next-best: Dallas Mavericks

There are only a handful of teams who can offer the max deal that Williams warrants, but only the Nets can offer a real chance at winning right away. With Wallace, Joe Johnson and (likely) Brook Lopez in tow, the Nets have the makings of a top-four team in the East if Williams stays aboard.