Will Nash and Bryant mesh?

Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant are joining forces, but there will be significant adjustments for both. Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images

The idea of pairing Steve Nash, perhaps the NBA's best passing/shooting point guard of all time, with Kobe Bryant is certainly eye candy.

Indeed, Nash in many ways represents the quintessential lead guard. But before we get carried away with the notion of what the Los Angeles Lakers will be able to do on offense, one thing is painfully obvious: The Lakers got smashed by elite point guards Ty Lawson and Russell Westbrook during this year's playoffs. Tony Parker, Chris Paul (recall what he did to them two postseasons ago), Mike Conley and just about any other rival point guard from the Western Conference have given them fits.

And will continue to do so. The Lakers now look even further away from being able to guard them effectively.