Options for Howard and Bynum

Conventional wisdom says Howard and Bynum should wait for free agency. Getty Images

Everyone thought there would be a resolution to the Dwight Howard situation by now. Instead, August is almost here and Howard is still a member of the Orlando Magic -- and just as determined to leave as he ever was.

The Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets all tried to put together a blockbuster trade package, only to find dead ends. Compounded by Howard's childish ambivalence and waffling, everyone is weary and ready to move on. The Lakers are frustrated. The Magic are frustrated. Howard is frustrated. And now Houston has signed its draft picks, which means they can't be traded for 30 days -- as late as Aug. 25, if Jeremy Lamb is included in a deal.

So what's the holdup?

Ironically, the same system that was supposed to help give teams the ability to retain their players is now making it harder for the Magic to find a suitable deal for Howard, even when they are ready to trade him.