Who is the next Reggie Miller?

The similarities are striking, but is Klay Thompson the next Reggie Miller? Getty Images

One of the deadliest shooters in the history of the game will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame this weekend and, as with all great players, I find myself wondering if there will ever be another one; in this case, another Reggie Miller.

Sure, you could point to old snipers like Rip Hamilton and Michael Redd, but what about the youngsters? Do any of them remind me of Miller?

After scouring the rosters and statistics of the league's 30 players, I came up with one name and one name only. And fortunately for me, that player happens to play for one of Miller's former teammates; in fact, perhaps his closest teammate.

I'm talking about Golden State's second-year shooting guard Klay Thompson, who plays for Miller's former backcourt partner, Mark Jackson.