Are elite 2s going extinct?

Are elite shooting guards like Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade on their way to extinction? Isaac Baldizon/NBAE/Getty Images

With #NBArank wrapping up on Thursday, it offered an opportunity to take a look at a contingent of players whom we often refer to as "elite" or among of the best in the league -- the Top 100.

Taking a look at the top 100 players in the NBA is significant mostly because 100 is a nice, round three-digit number, and we like lists with 100 items on them. It's also cool for these guys to be known as one of the best 100 people on the planet in their field.

But as arbitrary as the number 100 might be, it also serves as a convenient stopping point for us to look around and examine the makeup of the NBA's upper class. And when you look at the members of #NBArank's "Super 100," you might notice something:

The elite shooting guard appears to be a dying breed.