Knicks must 'walk the walk'

The Knicks talked the talk this summer.

Carmelo Anthony, claiming to be motivated by watching buddy LeBron James win a title, said his time to do the same "is coming."

Amare Stoudemire said "anything less than a championship is a waste of a season."

And J.R. Smith, the club's mercurial shooting guard, said Knicks fans can expect "a championship" this season.

Of course, Baron Davis, speaking boldly of "banners" and "X factors," predicted a Knicks title last season; then promptly went out and averaged six points a game.

So we're not putting a ton of stock in the Knicks' big, bad words. Though I won't go as far as Stephon Marbury, who recently said the Knicks' 'Melo-Amare pairing will never work. In an interesting bit of irony, during the Knicks' very public, months-long courting of Anthony during the 2010-11 season, one of Marbury's former teammates told me the Knicks should avoid 'Melo at all costs because he's "a 6-foot-8 Marbury."

Anyway, I will give these Knicks one thing. Unlike last year's crew, they are putting substance behind their tough talk. At least so far.