Is KG's move good for Celtics?

With Kevin Garnett as a full-time 5, the Celtics' D is improved, but Garnett's offense takes a hit. J.Meric/Getty Images

Kevin Garnett and the center position have always had an uneasy relationship.

After all, "The Big Ticket" kicked off a leaguewide trend of tall, lanky forwards listing their heights below 7 feet, mainly out of reluctance to conform to traditional ideas about big men. In his prime, Garnett was perhaps the most versatile player in NBA history, capable of dominating the game offensively (whether facing the basket, shooting midrange jumpers or using a devastating post fadeaway), on the glass and on defense. The magnitude of Garnett's talent couldn't be contained by archaic positional designations.

But despite his long-standing avoidance of all things pertaining to the pivot, Garnett finds himself entering the 2012-13 season as the Boston Celtics' starting center. The question remains, how much will it benefit Garnett and the Celtics?