Thunder are NBA's best value

The Thunder are the NBA's most underpaid team, but perhaps not for long. Layne Murdoch/Getty Images

With ESPN.com's 2012 #NBARank feature concluded, we took our second annual statistical look at how players ranked in the league.

From those rankings, our article last week looked at individual players who are underpaid and overpaid. Here we will see which teams are overpaying or underpaying their players to resolve which team is the most cost-efficient in the league and which is the least cost-efficient.

As with our first piece, the results are based on each player's #NBArank score (from 0-10) rather than his ranking (from 1-500), since the ranking forces an even separation while the score allows clustering that more closely models real life.

First, here are the best and worst teams in terms of average #NBArank score, when considering the top five players on each roster (see charts at right).

Essentially, a team's performance is largely determined by its top five players, with players six through 12 having little impact on the team's overall outcome.