Carmelo Anthony for MVP?

Carmelo Anthony is helping the Knicks win, but the numbers say he's far from an MVP candidate. Derick E. Hingle/US Presswire

When evaluating a player, it's very important to register the player's fundamentals in a vacuum. You must break down his success and failure rate within the context of how his team is doing and his impact on that team.

And certainly it's great to see the New York Knicks surge into the spotlight, recovering from the loss of the excitement Jeremy Lin brought last season and the difficult coaching change. The team is morphing into a solid though not yet spectacular contender thanks to brilliant shooting from a host of players -- including Anthony on the perimeter -- and an offense that gets a shot on almost 90 percent of possessions. That is a deadly combination, and it has added up to the second-best offense in the league.

However, making grand observations about a player typically revolves around the success or failure of his team. Right now, the Knicks are taking the league by storm, and in doing so they are forcing most fans and many experts to assume Carmelo Anthony has suddenly become the pre-eminent player we all thought he was going to be when he entered the league in 2003.

However, based on what I am watching, and the corresponding numbers and metrics, I'm not seeing it.