Bosh's long 2s helping LeBron

Chris Bosh has been on fire shooting long 2-pointers, which has opened up lanes for his teammates. Icon SMI

Editor's note: This is Insider's weekly series that identifies and analyzes tendencies or trends exhibited by five players.

As the NBA season enters the first days of December, some of these trends have quieted down as players have gone back to their tendencies and returned to their career averages. In other cases, though, these new trends have only intensified.

Take Portland's LaMarcus Aldridge, for instance.

We told you last month that the Trail Blazers' talented power forward was drifting out to the perimeter quite often, settling for the long 2 instead of the more efficient shot closer to the basket, and struggling because of it. In a stunning find via HoopData.com, we can see that entering last week Aldridge was attempting 10.0 shots a game from 16 to 23 feet. Who was second in the league? Chicago's Richard Hamilton, which doesn't sound all that surprising in and of itself until you consider that Rip was taking 5.9 shots a game from that distance, just a little more than half of Aldridge's average. Staggering!

This week, Trend Watch takes a look at three experienced veterans as well as two big-name rookies to uncover some compelling aspects of their games.