Feed the big man the ball!

Tyson Chandler's presence includes formidable defense and high percentage scoring near the rim. Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images

Guess who returned home last week?

For the first time this season, Carmelo Anthony played more minutes at small forward than he did at power forward, as Knicks coach Mike Woodson was forced to tweak his lineup because of injuries suffered by, first, Jason Kidd and then Raymond Felton. Thus Anthony did not qualify for the weekly Barometer leaderboard or next week's projections. It's a consequence sure to upset fans across the Big Apple.

Woodson didn't exactly go traditional, giving Steve Novak the bulk of the minutes at the 4. In fact, you can argue over who is actually playing the 4 when Novak pairs with Anthony. In our coding system, it's Novak. In reality, it's a debate of semantics, but the coding is based on usage in past seasons. Either way, Novak was on the floor to space the offense and did so brilliantly. In three games, Novak made 14 field goals -- all from behind the arc.

Kidd and Felton were back in the lineup Wednesday (those results don't matter for this week's Barometer), and Woodson stuck to his plan of starting Kurt Thomas alongside Tyson Chandler and using him for limited minutes. It'll be interesting to see if Woodson returns to the rotation that worked so well early in the season, pushing Anthony back to the 4. It may not matter, as New York just keeps winning. But they did require J.R. Smith's buzzer-beater to beat Charlotte on Wednesday.

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Top 10 Big Man Performances

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