Rajon Rondo's improved jumper

Rajon Rondo is shooting long mid-range jumpers (16-23 feet) at a 49 percent clip, a career high. Yoon S. Byun/Getty Images

Editor's note: This is Insider's weekly series that identifies and analyzes tendencies or trends exhibited by five players.

Earlier this season, Basketball-Reference.com's Neil Paine penned a story for ESPN Insider that shed light on some well-known players around the league whose reputations as elite defenders weren't in line with what the numbers indicated.

Included were familiar names like Kobe Bryant, Arron Afflalo and Tayshaun Prince. All in all, Paine's findings were downright eye-opening.

That isn't always what we're trying to accomplish here with Trend Watch, but this week includes at least one such example of a player who may be on the verge of busting a reputation that has followed him through his first six years in the league.

This week, Trend Watch takes a look at two top veterans and three up-and-coming players to uncover some compelling aspects of their games.