LeBron shooting better than ever

LeBron James continues to improve his game, as he's shooting better than ever from deep. Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports

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Was 2012 a bigger year for anyone in the NBA other than LeBron James? OK, maybe Jeremy Lin, but other than that one possible exception, it's difficult to overlook the significance of last year for James.

He overcame the struggles and disappointment of the 2011 postseason and the resentment that came from "The Decision" to lead Miami to a world championship, shedding the monkey from his back and solidifying his legacy in the process.

Absolutely huge.

In this week's TrendWatch, we go back and take a closer look at some of the improvements James has made to his game in recent years and why they could be so important for the Heat's title chances this season.

We'll also delve deeper into Al Jefferson's changing shot selection, Greg Monroe's shooting woes, Matt Barnes increased scoring role and the reason for Nicolas Batum's sudden rise in assists.

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