Can Kings become next Thunder?

Can DeMarcus Cousins' Kings follow the path laid out by Kevin Durant and the former SuperSonics? USA TODAY Sports, Getty Images

When the Seattle SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma City and became the Thunder five seasons ago, the timing of their ownership group's rebuilding plan was nearly perfect. After a poor start Oklahoma City fans were willing to sit through because of their excitement about adding an NBA team, the Thunder surged into the playoffs during their second season of existence and haven't looked back. Oklahoma City reached the NBA Finals in Year 4 and has an excellent chance of getting back and maybe even claiming the title this time around.

If the Seattle ownership group fronted by investor Chris Hansen succeeds in its bid to purchase the Sacramento Kings from the Maloof family and bring them up I-5 to become the new incarnation of the Sonics, fans in the Emerald City will certainly hope for a similar turnaround in the team's new home.