More moves coming for Raptors?

Rudy Gay is headed to Toronto, but are more moves in store for the Raptors? Joe Murphy/NBAE/Getty Images

In a vacuum, acquiring a player with the talent and productivity of Rudy Gay is a good idea for a team like the Toronto Raptors, as was reported Wednesday night. Gay has an ideal build for an NBA wing, possesses superlative athletic ability and until this season had shown gradual, subtle improvement over the course of his seven NBA seasons. And at 26, he's in the early part of what should be the peak portion of his career.

The problem is that Gay is compensated like he's a great player and unfortunately, even when Gay is going well, he's merely good. For much of this season, he hasn't been even that, with a PER of just 14.3 and a career-worst true shooting percentage of .478. He's better than his numbers from the first half, but when you look at Gay's career progression, you wonder if his development has flatlined.