Jalen Rose: Trades I want to see

Jalen Rose offers three trades he'd like to see happen before Thursday's deadline. ESPN.com Illustration - Mike Facciolo

As a player, the NBA's annual trade deadline always seemed to come with some anticipation as well as trepidation. With so many rumors floating around, it was hard to ignore them, especially if your name kept popping up.

By midseason, teams know who they are, whether they're contenders, what their strengths and weaknesses are, where they have depth to make a deal and which player's trade value is peaking.

I've seen players crumble in the wake of a trade. I've also seen players flourish in a winning atmosphere, or with a better coach or an optimal fit within offensive and defensive schemes.

In that vein, here are three trades I want to see happen. Understand in all likelihood none of these happen this week. Most trade rumors don't. But these three trades put players in much better-fitting situations, and the acquiring teams stand to benefit greatly.