Four trade fits for Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo's unique game -- and personality -- make him a valuable but complicated trade asset. Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports

Career lifespans in the NBA tend to be short, or at regarding a player's stay with any given team. So it's no surprise that Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo could end up on another team next season -- or even in the next 24 hours. By June -- if not by the end of this week -- there is a good chance that the Celtics will look entirely different. And moving Rondo as part of that overhaul makes sense to some people. But where should he go?

Though out for the rest of the season with a knee injury, Rondo, when healthy, is an enigmatic talent, someone who does not fit the typical point guard mold we see so prevalently today. He's simply a bad shooter and just an average scorer in an era that features brilliant shooters and great scorers at point guard.

However, he is probably the most gifted passer at that position now, someone who has the kind of strong leadership that can carry a franchise and help a team build an identity. To be sure, he is headstrong and will not play to his best without the perfect coach next to him (and Doc Rivers fits that bill). But if Boston is willing to move him, most likely to a Western Conference team, which teams have the biggest hole at point guard and would consequently be most impacted by acquiring him?

Here's a look at four teams that could be good fits for Rondo.

Sacramento Kings

Unless ownership issues are resolved, a deal with the Kings is unlikely. And once they are resolved, the new general manager will have his hands full trying to rebuild a team that has been leaderless for years -- from the top down. The Kings have had no direction at any level and no identity since firing head coach Rick Adelman in 2006. A trade for Rondo changes that overnight.