The power of two?

The Spurs' playoff fortunes will ride largely on Tony Parker's return and Manu Ginobili. AP Photo/Bahram Mark Sobhani

How much will Tony Parker's injury affect the San Antonio Spurs? In a nutshell, probably not a lot because he'll hopefully be back in a few weeks, and the Spurs have a soft upcoming schedule. Under different circumstances -- had it been worse and/or had it occurred earlier in the season -- Parker's injury could have been much more alarming for San Antonio.

Here's why: When it comes to championships, there are only so many roster spots that really matter in the NBA. Fans in Chicago are finding that out this season without Derrick Rose, and those in Minnesota have discovered it in lieu of Kevin Love. Both teams have deep rosters.

Sure, all roster spots matter -- that's why we sweat out the latter days of every summer trying to figure out how teams are going to fill their last remaining spots.

It's just that some spots matter a whole lot more than others.