In case you missed them

Chandler Parsons has followed up his solid rookie campaign with a stellar sophomore season. David Sherman/Getty Images

It's been a long season, but amid all the storylines, drama and big performances, sometimes things can get lost or go unnoticed by a larger audience.

And let's face it, sometimes it can be pretty hard to get noticed in this league. Whether it's a lack of national exposure or playing on a team that has long fallen out of the playoff picture, some players struggle to get recognition despite turning in quality campaigns. But with the help of an NBA scout, we break down three of the most overlooked players of the 2012-13 season.

Greivis Vasquez | G | New Orleans Hornets


The third-year Hornets point guard could be the most egregiously overlooked player in the league thanks to his hiding in plain sight in the top three of the NBA's assist ranks. Vasquez has emerged as a legitimate setup man who's both a capable pick-and-roll guard and can push in transition often delivering passes down court while the defense is still backpedaling.