Nuggets follow Ty Lawson's lead

Ty Lawson should feel very comfortable these days being Denver's "superstar." Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Simply put, most still see only the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs as legitimate title contenders out of the West, not the Denver Nuggets.

Despite Denver's recent surge, one criticism continues to echo: The Nuggets don't have a superstar player, a "go-to guy." Indeed, conventional wisdom dictates the necessity for someone like that -- someone willing to take and make the tough shots even when everyone knows that player is going to -- especially in the postseason.

But the Nuggets have three things that have the potential to change that perception: They own the best transition game in basketball; they have the ability to generate shots inside at all times; and they are led by a player who finally started playing like a superstar -- point guard Ty Lawson.