The Andrew Bynum question

What is Andrew Bynum's future? Some executives aren't very optimistic about it. Howard Smith/USA TODAY Sports

Forget Amar'e Stoudemire. Forget Danny Granger. Forget Andrew Bogut. The biggest disappointment of the season by far is Andrew Bynum.

I'll admit it: I thought the Philadelphia 76ers were big winners in the four-team Dwight Howard trade that sent Bynum from L.A. to Philly for some young talent and Andre Iguodala's burdensome contract. I thought Bynum would give the Sixers the chance to be as good as anyone in the East outside of the Miami Heat. I loved the deal for Philadelphia.

Bynum, of course, hasn't played all season and underwent season-ending surgery on both knees Tuesday. The Sixers are horrible without him and haven't even competed for the final playoff spot in the fairly weak Eastern Conference.

The big question is obvious: What do the Sixers do now?

Bynum will be a free agent this summer, so do the Sixers re-sign him or let him walk away and get nothing in return for him (and nothing for the sizable amount of talent they parted with to get him)?

I asked six executives around the league how they would handle the Bynum conundrum. Here's what they said: