Five perfect free-agent fits

Andrew Bynum could become a franchise pillar if he stays healthy. AP Photo/Matt Rourke

On Monday, I revealed my top 30 free agents, ranked by the average annual values (AAVs) of the contracts I gave them. These suggested contracts took into account the age, injury history, production and potential (among other things) of each player.

So where might these guys end up? Indeed, for many of the players, there's a high probability they'll re-sign with their current teams because the existing relationship is beneficial to both player and team -- financially and from a basketball standpoint.

But sometimes there isn't a fit moving forward. You could have tension because of unrealized expectations in the past, or the rise of younger (and cheaper) players on the team. Or it can simply be because there is no agreement on financial terms. For these players, a change of scenery is in order.

Here are five players from my free-agent big board who are likely on the move, and with five new destinations. The criteria for these matches are based solely on two factors. One, basketball fit: Does this player fit the team's need and does the team's style fit the player's style? Two, salary cap wherewithal: Can the team afford to pay the player the contract with minimal maneuvering? According to Larry Coon, a safe assumption for the salary cap will be $58.5-60 million. For this exercise, we'll go with $60 million for 2013-14.

Josh Smith | PF/SF | New team: Houston Rockets
Suggested contract:
$56 million over 4 years (AAV: $14.0 million/year);
2013-14: $13.1 million; 2014-15: $13.7 million; 2015-16: $14.3 million; 2016-17: $14.9 million;
player option on last year