What if Clippers had Kevin Garnett?

If Kevin Garnett were a Clipper, he might have improved L.A. in "clutch" situations. AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Before February's trade deadline, the NBA rumor mill kept churning out whispers that the Los Angeles Clippers just might acquire Kevin Garnett from the Boston Celtics, albeit with a hefty price tag of Eric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan heading to the Eastern Conference. Let's leave aside for a moment questions about whether the KG-to-the-Clips scenario was ever actually a thing, and ask, "What if it had happened?"

At the time, I wrote about a different Clippers trade scenario asking why a team that was 39-17 would want to change anything at all. Los Angeles had struggled some in the weeks leading up to the deadline, but you could easily chalk that up to Chris Paul's injury problems. The team was enjoying the best season in the history of the franchise and dominated highlight shows with its Lob City brand. Why would any team want to mess with that?

Maybe they should have. The Clippers' record topped out at 23 games over .500 on Jan. 19. Since then, they've put up a decidedly average record of 19-17. That's almost a half-season's worth of games, a trend line too long to dismiss because of any one player's availability.