Adjustments for James, Boozer

LeBron James and Carlos Boozer must make key adjustments for Game 2. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The thing about belief -- it's formed by either indoctrination or circumstance. Belief helps a team fight through adversity. Belief is what drives players to find that extra wind in games, to push through one more screen or battle around one more box out to grab an offensive rebound.

Coming into the NBA conference semifinal series between the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat, the prevailing belief of many fans and media was that a wounded and fatigued Chicago team had little chance against the fully rested and healthy Heat.

However, after the Bulls' stunning 93-86 Game 1 victory, those beliefs have changed. The Bulls knew they would play the Heat tough, even while missing their best players. That's what they do. They play everyone tough. Now, after having already stopped the Heat's 27-game winning streak in March and won Game 1 on Monday, the Bulls rightfully believe they can win three of the next six games.

Miami is in for a fight probably more ferocious than it faced when the Indiana Pacers led 2-1 in last season's semifinals. To overcome the Bulls, LeBron James will have to be the world's top player and more. For the Bulls to pull off a miracle, they'll need Carlos Boozer to play at his very best. Here are the adjustments both players must make going into Game 2.