A culture shift for Stevens

Brad Stevens will have a learning curve as he embarks on his NBA career. Jason Szenes/Getty Images

If new Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens really wants to make a splash in his opening news conference, he should open with "Kevin Garnett isn't walking through that door! Paul Pierce isn't walking through that door!"

That, of course, is a play on the infamous 2000 postgame speech given by the last college coach to lead the Celtics, Rick Pitino. Although it wasn't his first stint as an NBA coach, Pitino's tenure mirrored that of many other college coaches who struggled to make the transition to the pro game. Although it's still basketball (forget about the shot clock and the 3-point line length), the biggest distinction between college and the NBA is a massive culture shift.

Danny Ainge has bestowed a huge vote of confidence in Stevens by giving him a reported six-year, $22 million deal, an almost unheard-of length for any coach in today's NBA, let alone a neophyte with no prior NBA experience on any level. But for Stevens to be truly successful, Ainge must provide some guidance in navigating the NBA terrain. Here are some helpful tips for Stevens from a front-office perspective: