Can Houston win it all this season?

How will Dwight Howard, James Harden and Kevin McHale fare together in Houston? Getty Images

No one can deny that the Houston Rockets were the big winners on this summer's free-agent market. Landing Dwight Howard and teaming him with James Harden and their plethora of long-range shooters is a move that should keep Houston in championship contention for several years.

But will that contention ever turn into a title? We know the Rockets will be good, but how good? To find out, we asked five coaches. Here's what they said:

A Western Conference coach

"They have a chance to be very good because Dwight can enhance their playing style. Before getting Dwight, they could win a lot of games in the regular season and put some pressure on people but they couldn't win in the playoffs. Now they can slow the game down if they want. This gives them some variety. They're better built for the playoffs or for whatever situation they face. They're kind of like the Spurs. The Spurs can beat you 108-103 or 86-83.