How World Peace fits New York

LAS VEGAS -- On Sunday, ESPN New York 98.7 weekend host Bill Daughtry asked whether Metta World Peace would sign with the New York Knicks. I told him I thought it would happen, although "should happen" probably was more appropriate. It just seemed logical.

However, I added the caveat that logic and World Peace don't always go hand-in-hand. We're talking about a player who once conducted a news conference wearing a Cookie Monster T-shirt. Anything seems possible with him. Now that it's happened, logic won out, and the Knicks' depth chart has been upgraded at a time of the summer when impact role players are disappearing fast off the free-agent market.

"Doesn't matter [if I start]," World Peace told reporters during a news conference Monday at the Las Vegas Summer League. "I don't care if I'm starting or sweeping the floors. You hear me? I want to win."