Better than their numbers

Bulls guard Marquis Teague has averaged 13 points and seven assists in Summer League so far. Mike DiNovo/US Presswire

LAS VEGAS -- By virtue of the nature of summer league action, with rosters full of the unproven and unwanted, there aren't many players with statistical projections who jump off the spreadsheet. There are some -- Charlotte Bobcats rookie Cody Zeller generated a sterling projection from my system leading up to the draft, and nothing he does in the summer league will affect that. (Don't worry, Bobcats fans. He's doing great so far.) Mostly though, there are a lot of guys whose translated, non-NBA performance marks them as, at best, fringe candidates to play in the league.

From this huge collection of mediocre to bad projections, there will be a few standouts who will capture everyone's attention. Either they've improved a previous weakness, matured physically or shown that they can fill a particular role for an NBA team. These are the guys I'll be looking for in Vegas. While I'll be referring to several different metrics, the key one to remember is individual winning percentage, which is the theoretical level of the team with the player, plus four average teammates. A team of .500 players could be expected to go 41-41. In the summer league, almost all players fall into a projected range between .300 and about .490.