Burning questions: Central Division

Can Derrick Rose return to pre-injury form and lead the Bulls to the NBA Finals? Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images

The start of training camp is just six weeks away, with many players returning to their team practice facilities the week after Labor Day to participate in "informals" (small group workouts and glorified pickup runs). Most teams have a clear idea of who their personnel will be, and expectations have been set internally, but there's always a level of uncertainty entering camp, burning questions that each team must ask itself, the answers to which usually hold a key indicator to the level of success that will be achieved this season.

Each day, we'll tackle a different division in the Eastern Conference and answer burning questions for every team. Today, we examine the Central Division.


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1. Which Roy Hibbert will show up this season?

The Indiana Pacers showed just how effective Hibbert could be against the Miami Heat during the Eastern Conference finals. And it was no fluke. Hibbert actually played very well in the second half of last season. There's every reason to believe he can hurt the Heat again. He's a big reason why Miami took a chance on Greg Oden. Unfortunately for Indiana, the Spurs might have done Miami a favor: San Antonio forced the Heat to evolve on offense. They made this adjustment and eventually won their second title. So it's fair to expect that Miami will be better prepared for Indiana this postseason.