New teams, new opportunities

Tobias Harris thrived after being traded to Orlando last season. Expect it to continue in 2013-14. Joshua C. Cruey/Orlando Sentinel/MCT/Getty Images

ESPN's #NBArank is a look forward as well as a judgment on a player's previous season. In the course of a player's development, sometimes a change of location offers new opportunities to showcase himself and his talent. Placed in the right system and with the right coaching, the improvement can be vast. Think Jeremy Lin in September 2011 compared to what he was later that season during his historic "Linsanity" run. Or perhaps more recently, think Danny Green and how he blossomed with the San Antonio Spurs.

Let's take a look at three players who are not projected as Top 100 guys according to #NBArank, but whose track record combined with a new situation suggests they have the stuff to jump a level in the rankings.


Jose Calderon | Dallas Mavericks | #NBArank: No. 109

Track record: Ask anyone to name the league's best 3-point shooters and you'll likely get the usual suspects: Ray Allen, Kyle Korver and Stephen Curry. All three are amazing shooters and deserve the praise heaped on them. But Calderon was better last season. He led the NBA in 3-point shooting percentage at 46.1 percent, just ahead of Korver's 45.7. It was Calderon's best overall season but the third in his last six at more than 40 percent (it would be his fourth if we rounded up his .398 percent in 2009-10).