Five GMs on the hot seat

Joe Dumars (right) made offseason moves symptomatic of someone feeling the pressure to win. Allen Einstein/Getty Images

Two weeks ago, we looked at coaches who are on the hot seat going into the 2013-14 season. While general managers traditionally enjoy a longer life span on the job than coaches, it is apparent that team owners are showing less and less patience with the architects of their franchises. We've seen 16 teams make changes at the position since 2010 (including the New York Knicks two weeks ago), and another four added new voices in day-to-day general manager roles, with the former GMs moving up to a big picture/presidential role.

The pool of candidates on the GM hot seat is much smaller than on the coaches' side, but it exists nonetheless.

Here are five GMs whose jobs might be on the line, along with five new faces ready to ascend to their first leadership positions.