Five moves that could backfire

Much is at stake this season for the new-look Brooklyn Nets. Debby Wong/USA TODAY Sports

Mercifully, the 2013 offseason has come to a close. Chess moves meant to change franchise fortunes (either immediately or in the long run) have been largely hypothetical to this point. Now ideas become execution, and theories become practice. Draft picks, trades, signings, hiring and firings, new faces in new places, familiar names coming home, all with the hopes of being building blocks to what will ultimately result in the building of a championship contender.

However, risk is inherent in almost every deal, as nothing is foolproof; moves can backfire. Even the wisest decision-makers can make crucial mistakes. Sometimes the idea itself is flawed. Sometimes, it's a question of timing and context. Sometimes, assuming great risk is the only way to achieve great reward; sometimes, the level of risk can reach unnecessary levels.

Here are five moves consummated during the offseason that have the potential to backfire.

Brooklyn Nets

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