Buying, selling after Opening Week

Kevin Love has led Minnesota to a surprising 3-1 start. But do you buy into the Timberwolves? Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

One week down, 23 more to go.

It might feel like we've learned a few things about this NBA season in seven days, but don't confuse excitement for knowledge. This is the time of year that drives statistical analysts bonkers. Try predicting the winner of a basketball game and all the box-score stats of the players after watching the first two minutes of the first quarter. That's the sample size we're dealing with here.

So, what's a fluke and what's for real? Or to steal a line from Nate Silver, "What's the signal and what's the noise?" There's plenty of noise out there, but our job is to lead you toward the signal. Let's play a little buy or sell with seven days' worth of storylines.