5-on-5: Who is most NBA-ready?

How do Julius Randle, Doug McDermott and Jabari Parker stack up as NBA prospects? USA TODAY Sports, Getty Images

With both the 2013-14 college basketball and NBA seasons underway, talk is beginning to heat up regarding prospects for the 2014 NBA draft, particularly in light of the abundance of elite freshmen making their college debuts. And many of them will be playing in the Champions Classic in Chicago on Tuesday night. You can watch it on ESPN starting at 7:30 ET.

We asked our panel of NBA Draft experts to weigh in on the 2014 class. Jeff Goodman, Kevin Pelton, Chad Ford, Jay Bilas and Amin Elhassan all bring various scouting, metric analysis and reporting expertise to the discussion.

1. Which prospect is the most NBA-ready right now?

Goodman: Julius Randle. Physically, he could step on the court right now and not embarrass himself. He's a man, and he can do one thing at a high level: rebound the ball. He's also got a clear, defined position at power forward. Randle best matches production and potential out of this class.