Biggest disappointments so far

What happened to Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks? Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images

Not all of the surprises in the 2013-14 season's first two weeks have been positive. Today, let's complement Monday's list of surprises with the most disappointing performances thus far.

The East's top tier

The West was expected to have the upper hand in the interconference battle -- and so far it has won 63.3 percent of all East-West matchups (19-11) -- but more because of its depth and the lottery-bound teams at the bottom of the East standings than superiority at the top. Instead, despite the Indiana Pacers' undefeated start, the best of the West have been far better than their East counterparts. In terms of point differential adjusted for schedule, the West has five of the top six teams in the league, seven of the top nine and 10 of the top 14.