How Iguodala got his groove back

Based on watching Andre Iguodala with the Denver Nuggets last season, I expected his impact on the Golden State Warriors this season to be less than remarkable.

I could not have been more wrong.

This is not the same Iguodala. Gone is the guy who was somewhat of a malcontent last season in Denver and during his last few seasons in Philadelphia. With the Nuggets, "Iggy" shot the ball poorly -- 45 percent from the field and 32 percent from 3-point range -- and simply did not embrace Denver's track-meet style of play. He struggled in transition and often did not engage the same way the team's other sprinters did.

His discomfort with Denver's overall scheme also impacted his shooting. Prior to joining the Nuggets in 2012-13, Iguodala was coming off his best season from 3-point range (39 percent), a mark far higher than his previous career best (35 percent) and perhaps indicative of real progress. That progress died in Denver, as he made just 32 percent of his 3s and did not look anything like the wing scorer who had reached his full potential the previous season.

In Golden State, however, he's transformed his game. Where the Nuggets simply could not take advantage of Iguodala's strengths, the Warriors -- which play a similar fast-and-loose style -- have helped him regain his rhythm. Here's a look at what's changed.