LeBron's start most efficient ever?

Just when we thought LeBron James couldn't possibly take his game to the next level, he raises the bar even higher. At the Miami Heat's media day before the season, James confidently declared that he improved his game during the offseason. This, after falling one vote shy of becoming the first unanimous MVP in NBA history.

"I know you guys are tired of hearing me say this," James told the room of reporters, "but I got better."

Ten games in, it's hard to disagree.

After shooting a career-high 56.5 percent last season, James has toyed with opponents in the early going, making a ridiculous 62.2 percent of his shots from the floor. For someone who shoots as often as he does, his conversion rate is almost unfair. Consider this: Of the 18 players who have fired at least as many field goal attempts as James has this season, only one has even shot more than 50 percent (Blake Griffin, 57.2 percent).

Actually, James could go 0-for-40 against the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday night, and he still would be shooting at least 50 percent. That's how efficient he has been. Which brings us to our next question: Is this the hottest shooting start we've ever seen?