Thunder still too predictable in clutch

It was the shot of the year so far, both for Kevin Durant and whoever is in charge of those extreme zoom-out shots from the top of the arena rafters. But it masked another reality: Oklahoma City still needs to figure how to make its crunch-time offense less predictable.

It was most notable in the Thunder's Game 4 collapse against Dallas, but it was a problem for Oklahoma City all of last season. When the going gets tough, the Thunder end up with Durant shooting a 35-footer under duress. He's good enough to make it sometimes, as he did last night, but this is not a high-percentage play. (Rick Carlisle rarely goofs in these situations, but he's gotta be second-guessing himself for having Delonte West on the bench and Jason Terry on the court; tiny Terry was the one challenging the 6-foot-9 Durant's shot.)