Who deserves top honors?

Miami's LeBron James and Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant have been the best of the best this season. Issac Baldizon/NBAEGetty Images

Yep, it's awards time again. But this year there's a bit of a twist, because there is virtually no controversy about any of the major awards, save for the can-we-kill-this-thing-already foolishness of the Most Improved trophy. Rather than contriving a tortured case for some out-of-left-field candidate for one of the major awards (although "Mozgov for MVP" tempts me), we're gonna take this in a very different direction.

Because there is some controversy about a different distinction that's also a kinda-sorta award vote: the spots on the All-NBA team. And sorting out this team sort of gets to the crux of the issue behind most award choices -- namely, who was better than whom this season.