Trade targets: 'Sell-high' options

Amare's Stoudemire has been playing well of late, but is it enough to elevate his trade value? Anthony Gruppuso/USA TODAY Sports

Monday's Per Diem looked at trade candidates who might be undervalued because their 2012-13 performance is out of line with other recent seasons. Well, the opposite trend holds as well. Teams ought to sell high on players who are unlikely to keep up their current level of play. No star fits that description better than Amar'e Stoudemire of the New York Knicks.

Since coming back from the knee procedure that cost him the season's first two months, Stoudemire has been terrific offensively. He's making 57.9 percent of his shot attempts, which would be the second-best mark of his career. The Knicks have put Stoudemire in a favorable position as the focal point of their reserves, and he's playing less frequently with Tyson Chandler, meaning there's more space on the floor for him. (Stoudemire has shot 64.6 percent from the field with Chandler on the bench per NBA.com/Stats, as opposed to 51.2 percent as part of bigger lineups.)